Changing lives – One story at a time

The impact of a CHUM mentoring relationship can have is real. We hope these stories inspire you to start something by becoming a volunteer, a mentor or support a young person in one way or another.   

My second family

  • Mar 02, 2018

"At Ceporer, there are always volunteers who have come to play with us, but rarely do they return for more than once. Only with CHUM that we get to see the mentors regularly, to converse,’ Hong Thy, a Little Chum, replies when she is asked about CHUM. Hong Thy has recently finished Year 7 at Phan Hong Hon Secondary School (Hoc Mon Dist).

The story of Gia Han

  • Jun 08, 2017

Gia Han is currently a Year 9 student  at Thi Tran Secondary School, Hoc Mon District. Throughout the three years she is at Hoc Mon Ceporer, she has had chances to work  with two mentors for over two years. Due to family circumstances, that she only lives with her maternal grandmother, a much younger sister, and some relatives, Gia Han...